Drone Roof Survey

Revolutionise your roof inspections with our Drone Roof Survey service, offering detailed aerial imagery for accurate analysis and maintenance planning.

Whether you're assessing damage after a storm, planning maintenance work, or evaluating a property for purchase, our professional drone survey service provides the high-resolution insights you need, making roof inspections safer and more efficient.

Our Process

Our service delivers an elevated perspective of your roof, aiding in detailed inspections,

damage assessment, and maintenance planning with unmatched precision and speed.

Initial Enquiry

We initiate the process by thoroughly discussing the project with the client. We delve into the specifics of the property, the objectives of the survey, and the preferred timeline.

This conversation ensures that we fully understand your needs and expectations. After gathering all the necessary information, we prepare a customised quote, giving you the freedom to make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

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Shoot Day

On the scheduled day, our team arrives on-site with advanced drone technology, ready to conduct a comprehensive survey of your roof. Our drones, guided by experienced operators, meticulously capture high-resolution images and videos, ensuring every aspect of the roof is thoroughly documented. This process is not merely about taking pictures; it's about gathering critical data that provides a deep understanding of the roof's condition.

The precision of our drones, coupled with the expertise of our team, guarantees that every detail, from minor cracks to potential leakage points, is captured. This meticulous documentation forms the foundation for the detailed analysis and decision-making that follows.

Analysis & Evaluation

After the survey, our experts analyse the captured data, pinpointing key findings that align with your survey goals. We compile a comprehensive report, enriched with actionable insights, and provide you with the high-definition imagery and video footage from the survey.

This in-depth analysis equips our clients with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions, ensuring that maintenance or repair work is timely, efficient, and effective.

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Roof Drone Surveying

FlyCamSolutions' Drone Roof Survey service is meticulously crafted to provide detailed and accurate roof inspections. Ideal for homeowners, property developers, or insurance companies, our drones capture high-definition data, offering a clear and comprehensive view of the roof's condition.

This service provides an in-depth look at your roof, facilitating precise inspections, damage assessments, and maintenance planning with greater accuracy and less risk.

Drone Roof Surveys

Our drone roof surveys surpass traditional inspection methods, offering a safer, more efficient, and non-intrusive alternative. By eliminating the need for ladders or scaffolding, we minimise the risk to personnel and prevent any potential damage to the property.

Despite the non-invasive approach, our service ensures that you receive detailed and actionable data, supporting responsible property maintenance and management.

Wiesbaden, Germany - November 29, 2021: DJI Mavic 3 of Chinese technology company DJ Innovations (DJI). The Mavic Series are compact quadcopter drones for personal and commercial aerial photography and videography use. Mavic 3 was released on 5th November 2021. It has a 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad L2D-20c camera and has 12.8 stops of dynamic range. It shoots up to 5.1k video.

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